Next event

Tuesday / 26.12

Dj Stingray
Dr. Rubinstein

Opening hours
23:00 - 07:00


Presale € 16 (ex. € 2,20 service fee)
Doorsale € 20

50% of the total ticketsale is available for presale, the other 50% will be sold through doorsale on the night itself.

WAS. is a place for old and new visitors, for enthusiastic people who want to be there from the start till the end of every edition but also for late deciders who want to make up their mind on the night itself. We would like to create a good balance on the dance floor of different musicminded people. Therefore the construction for our ticketsale is that there will be both doorsale and presale for our events with a 50/50% division.

Visitors who have bought a ticket in presale have the guarantee that they can enter the venue unless they don’t adhere to the basic house rules. The basic house rules are: 21+, not showing any aggressive behaviour, not adversely affected by alcohol or drugs and not carrying any weapons. 

Our door policy applies to visitors who would like to buy a ticket through doorsale. You can read the complete version of our door policy and more info here

Our terms & conditions apply to all visitors who have bought a ticket.