Tracks record 2019: the end of a decade

December 31st, 2019, not only marks the end of a year but that of an entire decade. We rounded up some of WAS.’s familiar faces (and ears) to share with us their favourite tracks that signified their 2019. Check out what these artists, visitors, volunteers and team members told us about what their year sounded like. 

Carista - radio host, DJ and resident DJ
“To name an absolute favourite 2019-track is hard, but I guess the current one would be 4Hero - Hold It Down (Bugz In The Attics Co-Operative Mix). I recently rediscovered this track and loved playing it ever since, as it’s a track that gives both me and the audience a lot of joy. To me, this is nostalgia in its purest form.”

Detroit Swindle - DJ/producer duo, label owners Heist Recordings
“Our favourite track of 2019 is Theo Parrish - What you Gonna Ask For (Theo Mix). This is such a typical Theo record; loose, almost effortless but so well produced. The most beautiful moment was when we played the track in an eco-lodge in the middle of the city of Rome while it was raining cats and dogs.”

DJ Bone
“My favourite track of 2019 has to be Sixth Sense (Shlomi Aber Remix) by Josh Wink feat. Ursula Rucker. This track is very low-key and subtle in such a great way, it cuts right through whenever I play it in my sets. It’s a great remix of a timeless Wink-classic. Sixth Sense is what I use to give the crowd a bit of a breather yet they can still groove heavily throughout the song. It went down amazing at Oasis Festival in Morocco, it was so intense!”

Veronique de Leon - Club manager & Booker of WAS.
“I think this might be the hardest task of the whole of 2019 - so much good music that I’ve heard this year - but I managed to pick a track. My choice is Barker - Hedonic Treadmill. The first time I heard this track so happened to be the most memorable moment I heard it. I was at Dekmantel Festival, partying with the crew during Ben UFO’s solid Boiler Room closing set when - out of nowhere - he played this gem. Of course, perfectly timed, perfectly mixed. This record truly struck the right chord; you could see everyone dreaming away or grabbing each other tight - euphoria at its peak.”

Tijmen (Tala Drum Corps) - producer, WAS. enthusiast and resident DJ
“To pick one track of this year is, of course, an impossible task. However, this has been the year when Luke Cohlen and I did quite a bit of research into tracks from Utrecht soil. For this list, I chose a somewhat older find which I play gladly and frequently regardless: Culture Clash - Zitarz. Culture Clash was a project from the 90s of a number of U-Trax affiliates and got released on vinyl (and digitally) for the first time in 2017. It’s killer material which fits me like a glove. Live-jam-esque techno/house and dub crossovers with a proper shot of unpolished fantasy. When it comes to music history I’m quite the romantic so, for example, the fact that (a part of) the U-Trax crew organized parties in a similar building as where now - almost 30 years later - Stranded FM is located, gives the track even more value.”

Thomas Joosten (Vela Uniform)- technician and resident DJ
“My favourite track in 2019 is Kangding Ray - Stone Sober Brushstrokes. I don't think there's any work by this artist that I don't find interesting. This year he released some great stuff, but with its attention-demanding, almost microtonal sequencing and addictive syncopation this one really stands out I think. For me personally, this is the perfect balance between experimental and dancefloor-oriented electronic music. I find it inspiring, moving and so well-designed it leaves you awestruck with your brain melted away (but that may just me be me I'm a huge sucker for this stuff anyway).”

Roosmarijn Reijmer - radio DJ, journalist, volunteer awareness-team
Moodymann’s I’ll Provide is my favourite track of 2019. This track has been there throughout the whole year and many nice moments on the dancefloor, starting with Moodymann personally announcing his new work at DGTL. It was love at first hearing! I have the secret wish that WAS. books him and transforms the club into a rollerskating club like they sometimes do in Detroit. Including doing rounds in the corridors of WAS, yes please.”

Luke Cohlen - sometimes resident DJ, sometimes volunteer on the WAS. dancefloor
“Track of the year would definitely be Lara Sarkissian’s work - Peninsula. Check her out! However, I think I read the question wrong and thought it asked for my favourite moment in WAS. so hereby, an absolute classic: Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning. Remembering Carista playing this track at 6:30 while I was dancing next to her mother is simply priceless!”

Wouter - doorhost
“I can’t exactly remember if she played this track last year but what I do know is that I left early that night to go to an afterparty in Overvecht. For those who don’t know, it’s somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine. So, the week after that, I started doing some research on Umfang as an artist and this song has been in my playlist ever since. Enjoy: Umfang - Where Is She.”

Lisa Molle - dance programmer EKKO, StrandedFM, DJ, WAS.-regular
“By far my most favourite jungle track of the last years: Sully - X plus Y. The production is truly insane. This track has accompanied me weeks on end as I was biking alone in the dark from the centre to my house. It so happened to be that the track is the same length as it took me to bike from Oudegracht to my address. First time I heard it was in the club when some Australian friends and I were in De School for a weekender. Simo Cell played this record and I lost it completely. A week later, the track was played again in EKKO during a Bout It-event. The memories…”

WAS. wishes everyone a happy and safe new year. We’ll be ready to welcome you all back into our home in the next decade!

31.12.2019 | Words by Manal Aziz | WAS. image by Tim Buiting